A virtuoso

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Taking everything into account, could never have I survived my youth without musician. He condemned to German society. If a man wants to get rid of the feeling of injustice, he has to take the hashish. Well, I had to take to Wagner. Wagner is konterboison to everything basically German – the fact that the same too, I do not deny. From the moment the order of Tristan playing the piano — all honor to you, Herr von Bello! -Was wagneriti. The former seems to be Wagner's works under me – was very common, and also "German".

But to this day I'm still trying to work that will be matched in a dangerous magic, Tristan and possesses the same quality and dulcet Infinity; I ask of all arts. Lose all the strange features of Leonardo da Vinci in the voice of magic tape first Tristan. This work without question non plus ultra Wagner; after its establishment, the composition of the mastirsingirs and of the ring relaxed him. To become more healthy – and this in nature such as amounts Wagner go back. Psychologist so great curiosity in me, and I consider it a special privilege to have lived completely in time, specifically between Germans lived, in order to be equipped for this work.

The world must be in fact blank, who has never been this unhealthy "infernal volobtoosnis": it is allowed, it must be so, Sophie mode uses for this purpose. I think I know better than any one amazing feats that Wagner was able to, the worlds of the ecstasies in which strange to anyone else the wings go up; I'm alive today and powerful enough to run even more suspicious and dangerous things to my advantage, and then grow stronger, said Wagner was the biggest benefactor of my life.

The bond that unites us is that we have suffered the greatest torment, even in the hands of each other, most men are able to withstand
At present, this will always remain our names are linked in the minds of men. , Just as Wagner just misunderstanding between Germans, so, really, I am and will ever have. Yi lacked two centuries of psychological and artistic discipline, dear compatriots! . . . But you can recover the lost time.

Friedrich Nietzsche, why I am so wise (Homo h, 1888)

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