Decorating a log cabin

Decorating a log cabin or even a cottage, usually in the country theme. Keeping with the various aspects of nature and its simplicity and freshness, a log cabin ought to provide peace and quiet. Most log cabins are in the forest or country areas. Using a country style would mean bringing beauty on the outside, inside. Decorating a log cabin or a cottage should not be too difficult using the country theme since the ideas and color schemes sitting right outside the window.

Using nature as an example when decorating a log cabin, using wood for flooring and furniture would definitely fit. Birch, pine or cedar would certainly compliment any space especially a log cabin or cottage. To keep the natural look of wood, you can choose to leave it in its original form or with the stain would give the wood a rustic look. Whether you opt for authenticity or a newer look, wood is surely the best choice when decorating a log cabin.

You can choose to bring old furniture from home to your log cabin or cottage. Using covers for the sofa or chairs can help make the furniture look new. If decorating a log cabin, you can choose to paint the furniture. This will also give it a whole new look. When choosing colors for coating or paint, you might consider warm colors in light to medium shades. Yellow, brown or terracotta add warmth to a space. When you are decorating a log cabin, the emphasis is generally focused on warmth and coziness. A log cabin does not require paint on the walls, but if you are decorating a house, you can pick similar colors for your walls.

Fabrics to use when decorating a log cabin should probably include bold colors and nature themes. Floral patterns are also nice in a cottage or log cabin setting. You can use these fabrics in window coverings, bedspreads or throws and slipcovers. To keep with the theme of nature, you can choose accessories taken from nature, such as dried flowers or pieces of old wood made into candle holders. People tend to gather things from the outdoors while on a hike or walk along the river. These items can be used as accessories and souvenirs.

When decorating a log cabin or cottage, a factor that is not really important is your budget. This type of decorating can incorporate items from home or even those picked up at a garage sale or flea market. Handmade ornaments and decorations are also nice when decorating a log cabin. As long as the accessories help to achieve the overall goal of warmth and an atmosphere that is welcoming, all selected items are great. A log cabin or cottage is a place designed for relaxation. When decorating a log cabin or cottage, this should be kept in mind. What makes you happy and helps to create a space you enjoy and feel comfortable in, go with it. Just remember to have fun.