Home Decorating with Baskets

There are very few things that you can add to your home décor that will have quite the versatility of baskets. Baskets are not only decorative touches, they also blend well with almost any decor and in most cases are very willing to suit dual purposes as both decoration and much needed storage.

Below are some smart ways to use baskets. Enjoy!

1) Mail sorter. Try to hang a row of baskets near your entryway. When you walk into your home while you sort the entry slip right item to the corresponding bin. Have a basket for each family member and drop the junk mail in the trash you placed just below the row of baskets on your wall. This way everyone has easy access to their emails and spam are also handled.

2) Kitchen organizer. There are many jobs in the kitchen that baskets pull off beautifully. Such work is of the napkin holder. There are actually baskets from a famous brand that is absolutely perfect size for holding napkins for the dinner table. Additionally tall baskets make excellent holders for kitchen utensils must be within reach of the stove. There are also small baskets make excellent holders for small jars often use seasonings such as salt and pepper. Stay tuned next time you are in the kitchen and consider all the great ways baskets could help.

3) Knitting supplies. Larger baskets are excellent tools to tame the beast that can easily become your supply of knitting tools and notions. Narrow your collection into a large basket and eliminate the things that do not fit. This keeps you on top of your knitting supplies while keeping them out of the area and protected from dirty baby paws.

4) umbrella holder. This is an excellent use for a basket if you have one of the right size. Place it on the floor next to your coat rack or closet or in the hall and you will always have ready access to your umbrellas when bad weather comes your way.

5) magazine rack. This is a very common use for baskets but one that should surely be mentioned.

6) Toy Box. Maybe this is a favorite among parents who are lucky enough to have an extra empty basket at any given time. Anytime unexpected company shows up this is a great tool for quickly gathering all stray toys and getting them out of sight.

7) Office supplies. There are many baskets that make excellent organizers and holders for office supplies. From pen and pencil holders to those that are ideal for paper clips, sticky notes, and liquid paper are many cars that are almost perfect for a home office.

8) laundry basket. This is yet another great use for a basket. They can be inhaled by the very nature of their design so that if for any reason a wet wash clothes or damp towel gets thrown in it does not necessarily spell ruin for the whole lot of laundry.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the virtues of baskets but a good place to start the next time you have an internal debate about whether or not to invest money in a good quality basket for your home decorating needs.