Bringing the Old West to Modern Home Decorating

What could be more fun when you think about it than incorporating the old story of cowboys and Indians into your home decor? For those who love a great story and have a wild sense of adventure this could be an incredibly fabulous design theme for your next home decorating project. This is a great way to bring the rustic charm of the old west into the modern world of today's busy lifestyle.

Immediately visions of the hacienda with knotty pine and leather upholstered furniture comes to mind. Massive fireplaces and antlers everywhere are also first and foremost in my mind when this idea pops up in my head. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination and only limited by your budget in all honesty. This is a look that could be deducted but on almost any budget for those willing to do some thrift store purchases along the way while investing a lot of elbow grease.

One thing you want to be careful with this particular theme is not taking it too far. It can be so easy to do and it will only subtract from the charm and appeal if you do so. Choose the accessories carefully but implement them minimally. This should also help with any budget constraints as well as keep you on track to finding the perfect accessories rather than picking up everything you see only to find later that many simply will not work with the style and design you hope to achieve in long run.

Hardwood floors and wood-paneled walls is a big task for this type of décor and stone for a fireplace (if there is a fireplace of courses). You want solid furniture rather than something that appear fragile or dainty and you definitely want to keep the room masculine look, if at all possible. Furnishings in the style of the old west is not for bachelors alone but too much of a feminine touch will simply kill the appeal all together. In reality it less feminine better save these touches for a romantic bedroom or bathroom rather than the primary areas that friends and family will visit.

You will also want to take a great effort to imitate the rustic character of the old west in the kitchen. No delicate china patterns or tables with legs that look like can come off with a strong wind. This is a "man's" style decor and it must look as if it will withstand any punishment a man can dish out to maintain the fun and light appeal of the remainder of the home. You can find modern sinks, fixtures and fittings that are designed to resemble the old west and beyond if you look in the right places.

For those looking for something a little out of the ordinary, this is a style of decorating that definitely fits the bill. See what wonderful schemes and dreams you can come up with and what sort of tall tale will go along with your old west design story then create the story within the walls of your home. There is no better way to go about home decorating than this.