Schwarze Sonne - Die Macht der Mythen und ihr Missbrauch in Nationalsozialismus und rechter Esoterik (Buch + DVD) von Rüdiger Sünner

Book and film shed light on the little-studied relationship between esotericism, mythology and politics of the Third Reich, providing insights into SS archives, original literature, and contemporary sources. The arch to the present is important for the current confrontation with anti-democratic tendencies, because such myths live on in neo-Nazi and esoteric circles. In particular the book shows that the taboo of the Norse myths is not a solution because they do not belong to our culture. Book and film have become standard works of right esotericism. The book was published in three editions in the Herder Publishing House since 1999. The eponymous documentary by Rüdiger Sünner was much noted and is part of the standard repertoire of political education.

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DCTP: The cold universe, believed in the Hitler - Hörbiger world ice theory

All life and the Cosmos itself come from the cold. At the beginning of the world, masses of ice fell into a fire-type giant star. This dramatic event followed by all later developments.

Rüdiger Sünner, author of the book the Black Sun, reported Hanns Hörbiger world ice theory. Hörbiger (father of two famous UFA actor), an engineer and Cosmologist, designed as an anti-Einstein way a vision of the cold cosmos. Hitler among the firm supporters of this doctrine.