Midnight in the estate Velimir khlebnikov

Midnight estate, Genghis khanerati!
Swish, blue birches.
Sunset sunshine, zarathostrati!
And you can, blue sky, mozartati!
You twilight-cloud, Goya!
And you in the night, cloud, Renate!

Tornado flew by, just smiles

Laughing with the claws of crowing,
Then I saw the executioner
Boldly reviewed the hush of midnight.
I called you, bold,
I sank back from the river.

"What forgitminot above the yelling,".
I sail to night.
The Earth's axis that splashed out on another day,
Most are closed for the night.
I dreamed I saw salmon girl
In the waves of a waterfall.
Are pine tatarid storm

And the transfer of the Mongols, rinklods
After closing words, silence, Cains.
The decline of these Saints.
Although the blue guard Hasdrubal
Walked to the stone ball.