Evernote rolls out reminders support for Android devices

Summary: Evernote continues to improve its service and this latest update gives the reminder function which was just a couple of weeks ago to iOS.

Evernote rolls out reminders support for Android devices(Image: Evernote)

A couple of weeks ago, added Evernote reminders to the iOS platform. They revealed today, they roll out reminders for Android and I couldn't be happier.

I use Evernote quite a bit and with their latest security update, I have even more confidence in their service. I hope to use my iPhone last week because I find the reminder function to use Evernote on my task list.

My HTC a never left my pocket, but this Evernote Android update (version 5.1) makes it even more compelling. We start to see apps coming to Android and updates much quicker than we did before, and I can find no real app gap between Android and iOS.

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