Shaving Wounds

No matter what you're shaving, nicks and cuts are a pain -- literally. They hurt and bleed, and they can toss a real kink into your wardrobe plans. You don't have to allow a shaving wound damage your working day or your appear, though. A quick treatment will patch it up in minutes and allow you to get back again to business. Preparing cautiously subsequent time assists you steer clear of the issue in the initial place.

Clean and Bandage

The easiest, most time-tested technique of cleansing a shaving wound is not especially various from how you'd clean any other cut -- as they say, if it is not damaged, do not fix it. Clean your reduce with cleaning soap and water, and use a thoroughly clean towel or a piece of gauze to maintain pressure on it for a couple of minutes. This retains the wound thoroughly clean and provides your physique time to clot and stop the bleeding. As soon as you're distinct, patch your self up with a bandage.

Powders and Tricks

Try an alternative technique for smaller sized nicks and cuts, especially for locations where you cannot exactly adhere on an adhesive bandage. Wash the cut as usual, and apply an ice cube to cool off the discomfort and constrict the blood vessels. Next, dab on a coagulant or an more than-the-counter sealing item to patch the wound. A styptic pencil or styptic powder stops the bleeding, whilst liquid bandage or even a dab of lip balm seal the reduce and keep it guarded without searching too conspicuous.

High quality Blades

It may appear like a sharper razor would be much more dangerous, but the opposite is actually true -- the more mature and duller your shaving razor, the more most likely you are to reduce yourself. That's why you ought to always change out your razor blades in accordance to the instructions that arrived with them -- some final considerably longer than others. Using newer, sharper blades assists prevent shaving wounds from cuts.

Staying away from Accidents

The way you shave could be leading to shaving wounds, so make certain you're utilizing a sound strategy. For instance, shave when your skin is clean, warm and moist. When it's hydrated, you are much less likely to cut your self. Always shave with the grain, not towards the path of hair development, and lubricate your pores and skin initial with a moisturizing lotion or shaving product. A wise shaving technique is the very best way to steer clear of wounding your self.