Locations for Troubled Kids Close to Johnson County Kansas

Children often face difficulties that are not easily solved at house. Johnson County is mostly suburban and is a component of the Kansas City metropolitan region. Inside it are a number of locations that goal to help troubled kids and their households. Every facility has its own emphasis, and exactly where you consider your child will depend on the issues the kid has.

Johnson County Psychological Well being Center

The Johnson County Mental Health Center (mentalhealth.jocogov.org) provides some options for troubled children to find help. It has a program called "Family Focus," which serves children three- to eighteen-years-old who show behavioral or emotional issues. For every situation, an person strategy of care is produced and could include home-primarily based family members treatment, psychosocial teams, parent support, unexpected emergency solutions and psychiatric solutions. The Health Center also has a 21-mattress residential treatment middle for children who have substance abuse problems. Children twelve- to 18-years-old are eligible for admittance to the plan.


(ozanam.org) is therapeutic therapy center for children and their households. It is in Kansas City, much less than two miles from the border of Johnson County. It has a residential treatment plan for 12- to eighteen-yr-olds who are experiencing emotional and behavioral problems that need out-of-home care. It includes respite care, social abilities training, horticulture therapy, inventive arts programming and group treatment. Ozanam also offers a day treatment program for ten- to 18-yr-olds who can be treated without the require of household care. The treatment is made up of a special education college and daily therapy.

Renew Counseling Center

Renew Counseling Center (renewkc.com) offers counseling solutions for all ages with a unique emphasis on consuming disorders. An intense outpatient program requires location in the evenings. It is made up of dinner, objective-setting, body image treatment and team therapy. This program is good for teenagers who require more than simple counseling sessions to find assist with an eating disorder. The middle also will provide counseling solutions in other locations such as anxiousness problems, melancholy, sexual abuse and self-injury.

Juvenile Detention Middle

Youth who have been positioned in custody by the criminal justice method are housed at the Juvenile Detention Center (corrections.jocogov.org/juvenile/detentioncenter). The center provides psychological well being solutions, leisure activities, medical treatment, visitation schedules and mail privileges to all citizens. Training is obtained through the community college system and credits accrued will transfer to the student's present college. Volunteers at the center provide mentoring services, Bible studies, life-skills training, a library, Alcoholics Anonymous, well being instruction and college internships.