Samsung Galaxy S4 update allows to move the app to the microSD card

Summary: Galaxy S4 is a great smartphone, but I can not recommend the 16 GB version with such limited memory. Samsung is the determination of the situation by rolling out an update so that you can optimize your microSD card use.

Samsung Galaxy S4 update enables moving app to the microSD card(Photo: Matthew Miller/ZDNet)

Earlier, I pointed out that there were major limitations with 16 GB Samsung Galaxy S4 since less than 10 GB was available for apps and microSD was irrelevant for apps. Thankfully, Samsung took it upon themselves to fix anything Google broke and is reportedly to issue an update that enables to move apps to the microSD card.

Previous versions of Android had this ability, but it was changed in later versions (I think it started with Ice Cream Sandwich). People who root and personalize their phones can get this ability back, but most people do not do this, so that they could install apps was limited.

Some games run today 1 to 1.5 GB in size so players really feel the pinch on Galaxy S4. There are 32 GB versions of the S4, but they are limited by the airline.

In addition to the microSD card, Samsung makes it possible for HDR video recording and more corrections with update. It is rolling out now in Germany and there is no word when American variations will get the update. I would also like to see the update appears on my Galaxy note II.

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