Extreme Hair Growth Acne in an Adolescent Female

The teenage years can be filled with many physical impairments that embarrass your teenage woman, but if she suffers from excessive hair growth and pimples, she might be particularly unpleasant, each bodily and emotionally. If you suspect your teen's problems are much more than just regular teenage hormonal problems, take her to her doctor or a skin doctor. A doctor will tell you what is normal and offer any screening or treatment that is essential.

Cause of These Problems

Usually, extreme hair development and acne is brought on by a hormonal imbalance, in accordance to Girls Well being, a web site associated with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Solutions. A common trigger of this imbalance is polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS as it is frequently known as. This issue entails women having elevated testosterone ranges, which is what leads to the hair development and acne. Younger girls with PCOS also produce as well a lot insulin.

Related Symptoms

In addition to expanding extra facial and physique hair, and severe acne, teenage women with PCOS may encounter symptoms such as excess weight acquire, irregular periods or periods that have stopped entirely, and dark patches on the skin, particularly on the neck.


Women that current with excess hair and pimples might be subjected to a number of exams by a doctor. The doctor will most likely job interview your daughter to talk about her history, talk about any weight problems as well as any other problems she's getting. She will also most likely have blood work to determine whether her hormone ranges are a problem and probably have an ultrasound to check for small cysts on her ovaries, which is a signal of PCOS.

Healthcare Therapy

If excess testosterone is discovered to be the trigger of the hair growth and acne, she might be prescribed beginning manage pills. Beginning manage pills can put hormones back in balance as nicely as regulate a teenager's menstrual cycle. In some instances, she may be recommended a medicine to reduce her insulin level, such as Metformin.

Home Management

Boston Kid's Clinic indicates that girls who have hormonal imbalances that trigger irregular periods or acne eat a nutritious, nicely-balanced diet plan and get some type of physical exercise daily to maintain their bodies in leading form. For extra hair growth, consider waxing or depilatories for hair elimination. Acne can be treated with a gentle facial cleanser, and acne lotions or pads. In some instances, a skin doctor can also give teenage girls a prescription for oral acne medications.