Best Android tablets (June 2013 edition)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 6.3 3 is due out in June.

All that is know about the new tab 3 are all rumors, not a fact. There seems to be enough evidence to support the rumors. When (or if) the tab 3 hits shelves in June, when we will have the real numbers.

Samsung has apparently benchmarking their unreleased tablet. These benchmarks are unconfirmed and maybe not the release version.

What makes this interesting is that Samsung uses an Intel Atom instead of their own ARM Based processor in Exynos Galaxy Tab 6.3 3.

AnTuTu total overall benchmark score sticks in
Tab 3 10 at 24,616
Nexus 10 at 13,750
(points came from AnTuTu website)

This gives Intel Clover Trail tablet almost 80% boost over the best performing Nexus 10.

The new tab 3 use a PowerVR SGX GPU 544MP

GFXBench 2.7
Galaxy 3 654 frames @ 10.5 Fps (7652)
Nexus 10 478 frames @ 8.5 Fps (4063)
The numbers in parentheses are frames x Fps
While this may not be a valid way to compare shows the Galaxy out performs the Nexus-10. The figures in brackets are valid beats tab Nexus 10 by almost 90%.

Tab 3 will have 1280 x 800 display, and a Plus version with the same resolution as the Nexus 10 on 2560 x 1, 600

This tab 3 uses Intel's Clover Trail Atomic Z2560. This Atom chip is at least in the same ballpark as Cortex A15 based processors in performance and battery life.

What do these benchmarks as more interesting is the Atomic Z2560 is a chip with an obsolete architecture obsolete 32nm lithography transistors.

Later this year Intel will release new atom processors with the recently announced, built from the ground up, all the new mobile architecture with many new performance and battery life features. New atoms will use Intel's new year old FinFET 22nm lithography.

It is expected that an Atom is running at maximum clock speed will exceed Z2560 by about 500%.

An Atom that runs at a lower clock rate, makes a performance level equal to Z2560, will use 300% less power.

Tablets with new Intel Atom should be on the shelves in time for Christmas.

Things in the Tablet market should get very interesting.

Intel shows great promise to have the ability to dominate the Tablet market over the ARM.

Motorola uses the Z2580 Atom in their Razr. When they start with the all new Atom, we can then have a better idea how Intel is well positioned on the mobile market. The mobile market is much different than the tablet on circuits for cellular radio and sensors (GPS, accelerometer, etc.).