McAfee: Hackers are increasingly targeting Android devices

Cybercriminals are targeting everything from social networking sites to desktop computers, mobile devices, and in some rare cases, medical equipment.

But more and more Android WINS focus in the hacker's eyes.

According to the latest McAfee threats report [PDF], covering the first quarter of 2013, developed the malware at Google mobile platform grew by more than 30 percent in the first three months of the year. Mobile attacks were on track to surpass the 2012 's total figures.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 11.00.29Total mobile malware samples in the database (image: McAfee)

According to antivirus company, mobile malware even spread to booming economies such as South Korea and smartphone India, the latter where there will be approximately 67 million smartphone subscribers in the country at the end of this year. This represents approximately 6% of the total Indian population.

Overall, there are just shy of 51,000 new attacks in McAfee's database mobile malware samples for the first month. But this is down slightly from the last three months in 2012. This compares with only 792 samples in all 2011.

Android takes the largest chunk of mobile malware by platform pie. Symbian was the next with low single-digit percentage, followed by Java, which is now almost non-existent. Other platforms, such as Blackberry, iOS, doesn't even register.

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 11.01.14New Android malware (image: McAfee)

McAfee said the threats of Android-based mobile commercial spyware and adware was reduced, with many spyware and targeted attacks are becoming more prominent. The rise of botnets is also clear, the company warns, reiterating comments made earlier this year when it warned that the more developed countries and regions become a hotbed of activity.

Talk about targeted Trojans, the report reads: "as recently as late last year, it was possible to say that the majority of mobile attacks were located in Russia and China. This quarter, but we have seen criminals expand their operations to other parts of the world. "

Many seem to be directly targeted activists, McAfee warns.

Also in the report still computers the most directional vector for hackers and attacks. McAfee reports a total of 128 million samples on its database.

Social networks are also being targeted, such as Facebook and Twitter, to trick friends and acquaintances to install malicious code. McAfee reported a "significant" spike in Koobface work during the first quarter.

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